Wisdom Tooth Removal in Singapore

Wisdom tooth extractions in Singapore range from different prices as well as different procedures all of these factors depend on extent of the pain due to having the wisdom teeth still in your mouth.

The decision process depends on the type of damage done by your wisdom teeth, simple extractions, surgical extractions and other factors included with determining the correct procedure for you.

Some issues many who have their wisdom teeth extracted in Singapore have had issues with their teeth rubbing on their back molars as well as having crowded teeth causing them pain which means they will need their wisdom teeth removed.

Simple extractions in Singapore is best described as the patient simply scheduling a Dentist visit, accessing the tooth even further with some x-rays then the Dentist will numb the patient’s mouth with local anesthesia such as nova Caine.

Then once the patient’s mouth is completely numb the Dentist will then begin to cut along the gum area then extract the wisdom tooth as well as removal of a portion of the bone which overlines the tooth.

But for those Patients who might be anxious or nervous to have the procedure done they have a second option which is to be sedated with either laughing gas or another type of oral sedative some Dentists have used Valium in serious cases, some of the medications will prevent the patient from being able to drive afterwards, the other option is intravenous sedative.

The other type of Extractions Dentists will do when it comes to extracting procedure is the Surgical Extractions which most Patients use if they have a severe case of Anxiety and cannot control their Anxiety so they opt to be sedated with an Intravenous Sedative.

More extreme cases and complex situations are another reason why Patients might have to be sedated for their wisdom tooth extractions such as having a nerve popping through causing the Patient pain. Surgical Extractions typically take 2 hours depending on the severity of the wisdom teeth and depending on the amount of time it takes for the Patient to be hooked up to the monitors and be sedated.

Now when it comes to the costs of everything involved with the Wisdom Teeth Extractions all vary depending on which Government Hospitals Singapore offers Patients, many have chosen to have their procedures done at a Specialized Institution such as the National Dental Centre of Singapore.

Singapore also offers Patients another Health Centre to have the procedure conducted, Polyclinics which also offers the same type of processes and procedures, but with Polyclinics they offer customers a Specialized Payment Plan for those who can’t pay the full amount up front.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal Singapore

The costs for a Simple Procedure at any Government Hospital ranges between $600 to $825, for x-rays the cost ranges between $150 up to $300 depending on how many x-rays the Dentist might need to have done on the Patient but also varies depending on the severity of the Wisdom Teeth as well.

Some Patients who might choose another route to get their Wisdom Teeth Extracted might end up choosing a Private Dental Clinic or Office which many have done based on the simplicity of being able to have their Procedure done privately.

The costs for those Patients who might choose to have their procedure done at a Private Dental Clinic ranges from $400 up to $2,500 which also depends on the severity of the Patients Wisdom Teeth.

Another factor which is also affects the Patient’s options of having their Wisdom Teeth Extracted includes the waiting time which ranges from days, weeks to months all depending on the severity of their Wisdom Teeth.

For Patients who might have to have their Wisdom Teeth Surgically Removed the costs vary depending on the Patient’s medical records which allow the Dentist to properly use the correct type of Sedative as well as the amount of Sedative, the cost usually runs from $500 up to $1900.