How To Stop The Pain From Wisdom Teeth Swelling

It is very uncomfortable when your wisdom teeth hurt and at the same time cause teeth loss, so it is necessary to find some ways to relieve pain. The first thing that you have to do is to be aware of the cause of toothache.

Most cases of toothache are related to long periods in extreme temperatures when bacteria grows and gets very hot and can cause bone loss, or it may also cause heat and infection in your jawbone. It may also be because of allergies or some other external factors.

If you have pain on your wisdom teeth, you likely have a toothache. Anterior and posterior central wisdom teeth ache are the most common types of wisdom tooth pain.

If the toothache is located in the gum line, you should consult a dentist to determine the source of the pain and make necessary medical and dental treatments.

You can start the treatment by applying ice to the area where the toothache has occurred, with a gentle push of ice on the pain site, at least three times daily. After a few days, you can apply heat to ease the pain a little bit.

Also, you can apply cold compresses to the swollen or tender jawbone, which may be caused by wisdom tooth pain. Cold compresses can ease the pain a lot because they increase blood circulation in the area and are helpful for the healing process.

Pain Free Wisdom Teeth

Also, to reduce the swelling or inflammation, you can take an NSAID(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), apply a topical pain reliever like Orajel, and eat certain nutrients such as vitamin C and milk.

Vitamin C is useful in reducing swelling because it contains the antioxidant that prevents the production of free radicals that cause damage to our body.

Milk and calcium are good for your bones and teeth because they provide the building blocks of collagen, which is a substance that is used to make teeth strong.

Calcium is found in milk and you can get it from dairy products like cheese, milk and ice cream. These are some of the many ways to reduce the pain.

Although it may seem very obvious that milk can be beneficial to people who are suffering from toothaches, you must never overlook the fact that it also contains calcium and a good thing for tooth enamel. So, not only will the milk help in alleviating pain but also reduce your tooth pain and the surrounding swelling. It also aids in the growth of teeth and gums and so it is good for the maintenance of good oral health.

The bitter taste of grapes can act as a mouthwash and reduce pain in the mouth. Aromatherapy practitioners recommend using the sour taste of grape juices mixed with some herbal oils to treat headaches and it is also useful in relieving pain.

Pain Reduction

Other ways to reduce pain include applying a hot compress that can be applied gently over the painful area. For instance, applying vinegar, baking soda or lavender oil, or clove can relieve a toothache.

Besides that, you can also take an oral application that has all the ingredients that help in treating pain, including local anesthesia, aspirin, and oral analgesics.

The local anesthesia that works best on the jaws and gums, as well as the pain-relieving properties of aspirin, makes these solutions very useful.

These are just some of the many remedies that can be used in these treatments. Although these methods are not the only treatment, it is a way to reduce the pain and has proved to be very effective in the short term.